about yokohama

「Minatomirai 21」is a business, shopping, and cultural area and Kissho is located at 「Landmark Plaza」 overlooking the Yokohama Bay.

A relaxed and sophisticated ambience is created from a dark brown basic tone. And together with a bird's eye view of Minatomirai from the window, please enjoy our carefully hand-picked seasonal food in Kissho's traditional Kaiseki cuisine, Kissho's famous Shabushabu with a rich and savory sesame sauce, and the 「Kuroge Wagyu」carefully selected from all over Japan with a Ponzu sauce that brings out the best flavor in the ingredient.

The restaurant offers guests a panoramic view of Yokohama Bay, while they dine at the spacious table seating. Guests are also welcome to enjoy our heart-felt hospitality and our prime cuisine, while enjoying the fantastic vista of 「Minatomirai」 by the window during lunch time. To cater to the various needs of our guests, we also provide private rooms with table seating, and private rooms with Japanese Tatami Seating (with Pit Type Kotatsu). And the fantastic night view of Minatomirai also serves to stage a wonderful dinner for our guests.

While putting our heart into the traditional Kaiseki cuisines such as Hashiri (which literally means Run, suggesting an excited feeling right before the season), Shun(right in season), and Nagori (a nostalgic vestige of the previous season), we draw on Kissho's traditions and skills for the ingredients carefully selected from all over Japan, serve them in exquisite traditional dishes and bowls, together with our very best hospitality. On top of that, Kissho also proudly presents the hand-picked Kuroge Wagyu Shabushabu with a rich sesame sauce and a refreshing citrus flavored soy sauce to enable guests to enjoy the original flavor of gourmet meat.

Here, we believe with all sincerity that people need to spend their time in peace and tranquility. Here, we fill the place with our kindness so that people can truly relax. In Kissho, the quintessence of Japanese hospitality or 「Motenashi」 can be felt in every small detail. In Kissho, we endeavor to connect people and connect hearts.