about kioicho

Kissho embodies a tasteful elegance that is embedded in the quientessence of Japanese hospitality or 「Motenashi」.

Here we offer Kaiseki, or a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, where you can enjoy the season's best cuisine. Our chefs put their heart into making the Japanese Haute Cuisine from hand-picked ingredients. And we serve our food in beautiful traditional dishes and bowls such as Aritayaki, Kyoyaki, and Wajimanuri which are famous throughout Japanese history, to present the class and grace in our hospitality.

Memories of Kioi-cho

The place where history is ingrained into the different residences of Kii Tokugawa Shogunate, Owari Tokugawa Shogunate, and Ii Clan right next to each other is called Ki-O-I Cho.

Turning the historical background of these three clans into a story, we then integrate the story into our design of the three separate spaces for you, our honored guests, to compare and choose.

From our brilliantly-designed entrance, through the
winding wandering corridors, and in the serene and peaceful ambience, please relax and enjoy the four seasons of Japan in a comfortable space we have endeavored to create.

  • Kiike-Kii Clan (A famous clan from the Edo Period)
  • Owarike-Owari Clan (A famous clan from the Edo Period)
  • Iike-Ii Clan (A famous clan from
the Edo Period)

tatami seating

The private Tatami Seating (with Pit Type Kotatsu) is made in the traditional architectural style of a refined Japanese residence called Sukiya. And there are altogether 6 rooms in this style.
We recommend them for important gatherings.

table seating

We have also prepared a Japanese style quiet space of 3 private rooms with table seating, and 6 more tables.
They are best suited for a small gathering.

bar seating

It is recommended not only for a relaxing moment before or after dinner, but also for enjoying the bar, for we offer an assortment of rare alcohols.